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Vehicle Customization

Customize your vehicle and make it your own!


Inspired by the Dogecoin community!


Lots and lots of doge!


Multiplayer Mini-Games!

Doge Racer

Such Graphics! Very Wow!

Doge Racer

Much Fast, Very Race!

Doge Racer is an upcoming Indie game inspired by the /r/dogecoin community. The game is still in the early development stages of development, but you can still play the game by supporting us on Patreon.

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Version 1.6.0 much early dev alpha
- Vehicle Driving Physics are greatly improved
- Added Presets to vehicle customization
- Added ability to change vehicle Wheels
- Redesigned GUI for the Garage
- Redesigned GUI for Multiplayer Lobby
- Joining a race is now very doge friendly
- New Results screen
- New effects on results screen
- Added Sound effect when picking up items / power-ups
- New Item / power-up dispenser
- New Title Screen
- Added Instructions button to Main Menu
- Improved Back-end to make developing new courses easier
Known Bugs:
- Hover Craft will sometimes stay to high off the ground
- Customization Presets sometimes show up wrong at first
Version 1.5.0 much early dev alpha
- Dedicated servers
- Online Multiplayer
- User Interface improvements
- Added collision Sound Effects
- Improved camera angle
- Checkpoints now change color indicating next checkpoint
- Added new lighting effects
- Performance optimizations
- AI disabled for Online races
- Much bug fixes
Version 1.4.0 much early dev alpha
- You can now race against AI in Multiplayer Races
- Multiplayer User Interface is now easier to use
- You can now Boost with collected Dogecoin
- Added Bork Power-up
- Added Oil Slicks
- Added Course: Crypto-Highway
- New Vehicle and Doge Customization options
- New sound effects
- New skyboxes
- Option to change time of day and weather
--Physics should be slightly improved
-GUI is improved
- Multiplayer Networking should be much easier to use
Version 1.3.0 much early dev alpha
-Added lobbies for easier multiplayer races
-Added position system for races (ex. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)
- Improved Checkpoint system
-many back-end changes for future updates
-Many Graphical changes/ Improvements. Much beautiful
-Very good doge killed many bad bugs
Version 1.2.0 much early dev alpha
-Split screen multiplayer support for Doge Raceway
-Many Graphical changes/ Improvements. Much beautiful
-Improved Doge texture
-Added tire squeal sound effect
-Added new Trike vehicle
-Added bushes
-Improved terrain textures
-many back-end changes for future updates
-more doge
-many funs
-so amaze

Version 1.1.0 Alpha much early Dev Release
-Added Dogecoin Mine Track
-1 New Vehicle Added
-Improved Vehicle Customization
-Other Fixes and Improvements
*NOTE* this game is in very early stages of development, and is missing features. It is also likely to have bugs.
Version 1.0.0 Alpha much early Dev Release
-Local Multiplayer functionality
-Doge Raceway Track available
-Basic Vehicle Customization
*NOTE* this game is in very early stages of development, and is missing features. It is also likely to have bugs.


Q: What is Doge Racer?
A: Doge Racer is a racing video game inspired by the /r/dogecoin community

Q: What features will Be in the final game?
A: Story Mode, Local, Online, and Split Screen Multiplayer, Vehicle & Doge Customization and many more!

Q: Can I play it?
A: Yes and No... You can currently become a patron and download early development versions of the game, but it is still in very early stages of development and is missing many features.

Q: Is there a Release Date?
A: Not yet. The speed of the development depends on the amount of support we, but we are happy with how development is going.

Q: Where is the best way to find updates?
A: Our social Media and Discord: Twitter, Facebook, Discord

Q: How do I Support Development of the game?
A: You can help fund the game by Paying what you want for early development versions of the game.

Q: I want to support the Game but I'm broke
A: Although we greatly appreciate monetary support, it is just as important to spread the word about Doge Racer


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