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Race with your friends!

Vehicle Customizations

Vehicle Customization

Customize your vehicle and make it your own!

Inspired by Dogecoin


Inspired by the Dogecoin community!

Doge Raceway


Lots and lots of doge!

DogeBall - Multiplayer Minigames


Multiplayer Mini-Games!

Such Graphics! Much Wow!

Doge Racer

Such Graphics! Very Wow!

Doge Racer
The Dogecoin Inspired Racing Game

Much Fast, Very Race!

Doge Racer is an upcoming Indie game inspired by the /r/dogecoin community. The game is still in the development stages, but you can still play the game by buying the game with Dogecoin, or by downloading on the Google Play store. To buy with Dogecoin or to redeem a code, Login or Create an account. For account creation help, please view this PDF



Version 1.8.0 much early dev alpha
-Crypto Highway course is now stable and mostly complete.
-Dogecoin Mine course is now stable and mostly complete .
-Jamaican Bobsled vehicle is now playable.
-Driving Physics are now much smoother.
-Drifting is now smoother.
-Added re-spawn animation and sound effects.
-Added loading screen animations.
-Added Snow Ball item (Creates ice patch where it lands).
-Improved Vehicle Sound Effects.
-Improved Multiplayer Lobby.
-Added Winter theme to Menus.
-Many back-end improvements.
Version 1.7.0 much early dev alpha
-You can now purchase the game with Dogecoin.
-Doge Racer VR (Very early Stages).
-New Login System.
-Re-added Dogecoin Mine course w/ lots of changes.
-Re-added Crypto Highway w/ lots of changes.
-New Dogecoin Tire customization.
-Added Respawn Button.
-Music now shuffles between songs on Menu Screens.
-Many Bug Fixes.
Known Bugs:
-Driving in Dogecoin Mine might too difficult
-Checkpoints are Broken in Dogecoin Mine and Crypto Highway (Will release Fix soon!)
-Crypto Highway may be laggy on high quality
Version 1.6.0 much early dev alpha
- Vehicle Driving Physics are greatly improved
- Added Presets to vehicle customization
- Added ability to change vehicle Wheels
- Redesigned GUI for the Garage
- Redesigned GUI for Multiplayer Lobby
- Joining a race is now very doge friendly
- New Results screen
- New effects on results screen
- Added Sound effect when picking up items / power-ups
- New Item / power-up dispenser
- New Title Screen
- Added Instructions button to Main Menu
- Improved Back-end to make developing new courses easier
Known Bugs:
- Hover Craft will sometimes stay to high off the ground
- Customization Presets sometimes show up wrong at first
Version 1.5.0 much early dev alpha
- Dedicated servers
- Online Multiplayer
- User Interface improvements
- Added collision Sound Effects
- Improved camera angle
- Checkpoints now change color indicating next checkpoint
- Added new lighting effects
- Performance optimizations
- AI disabled for Online races
- Much bug fixes
Version 1.4.0 much early dev alpha
- You can now race against AI in Multiplayer Races
- Multiplayer User Interface is now easier to use
- You can now Boost with collected Dogecoin
- Added Bork Power-up
- Added Oil Slicks
- Added Course: Crypto-Highway
- New Vehicle and Doge Customization options
- New sound effects
- New skyboxes
- Option to change time of day and weather
--Physics should be slightly improved
-GUI is improved
- Multiplayer Networking should be much easier to use
Version 1.3.0 much early dev alpha
-Added lobbies for easier multiplayer races
-Added position system for races (ex. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)
- Improved Checkpoint system
-many back-end changes for future updates
-Many Graphical changes/ Improvements. Much beautiful
-Very good doge killed many bad bugs
Version 1.2.0 much early dev alpha
-Split screen multiplayer support for Doge Raceway
-Many Graphical changes/ Improvements. Much beautiful
-Improved Doge texture
-Added tire squeal sound effect
-Added new Trike vehicle
-Added bushes
-Improved terrain textures
-many back-end changes for future updates
-more doge
-many funs
-so amaze

Version 1.1.0 Alpha much early Dev Release
-Added Dogecoin Mine Track
-1 New Vehicle Added
-Improved Vehicle Customization
-Other Fixes and Improvements
*NOTE* this game is in very early stages of development, and is missing features. It is also likely to have bugs.
Version 1.0.0 Alpha much early Dev Release
-Local Multiplayer functionality
-Doge Raceway Track available
-Basic Vehicle Customization
*NOTE* this game is in very early stages of development, and is missing features. It is also likely to have bugs.


Q: What is Doge Racer?
A: Doge Racer is a racing video game inspired by the /r/dogecoin community

Q: What features will Be in the final game?
A: Story Mode, Local, Online, and Split Screen Multiplayer, Vehicle & Doge Customization and many more!

Q: Can I play it?
A: Yes! You can currently buy the game with Dogecoin, or download on the Google Play store. Please keep in mind that Doge Racer is still in very early stages of development and is missing many features.

Q: Is there a Release Date?
A: Not yet. The speed of the development depends on the amount of support we get, but we are happy with how development is going.

Q: Where is the best way to find updates?
A: Our social Media and Discord: Twitter, Facebook, Discord

Q: How do I Support Development of the game?
A: You can help fund the game by Buying the game with Dogecoin and playing early development versions of the game.

Q: I want to support the Game but I'm broke
A: Although we greatly appreciate monetary support, it is just as important to spread the word about Doge Racer


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